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Commercial Construction


At D. Gartner Contracting Ltd we offer general contracting and management  services on many levels in the commercial construction industry.


In the over 30 years in construction, our experience is based on a wide variety of projects. Some as small as power stations for reservoirs and as large as commercial manufacturing buildings, condominiums, apartments, gas stations, fire stations and much more.


We are dedicated to building a lasting and rewarding client relationship placing your best interest in priority. This is accomplished through Quality materials and professional workmanship for all stages of construction.


D. Gartner Contracting Ltd has and will continue to work diligently to build our reputation by consistently providing our clients with quality performance while setting a high standard of excellence for the industry.


If you are considering the construction of a Commercial Project, please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss your project with you.   604-794-3507


D. Gartner Contracting Ltd

"Your Custom Home Specialist since 1986"

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