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Why Ladybugs?


One of the greatest joys we have is to watch our granddaughters amazement with the Ladybugs that we have around here in Chilliwack.  When we find them inside they are always very careful to handle them gently, and almost always want to make a new home for them. .  We felt it fitting that these Little Ladybugs be a part of our website as a reminder to you that as our girls love to provide the Ladybugs with a New Home we too would be pleased to do the same for you!!


Interesting Facts about Ladybugs


  • The average length of a Ladybug is  - 1 mm to 10 mm
  • They can live 2 to 3 years when living in the wild
  • NASA has even been interested in Ladybugs!   In 1999 they sent some Ladybugs and some aphids into space!
  • Ladybugs are a very smart little insect, they lay their eggs on the leaves that are infested by aphids to insure their
  • babies will have enough food to eat until they are old enough to take care of themselves.
  • Their bright colors warn that they are poisonous to their predators even though they aren't really.  Years ago our old
  • Golden Retriever licked one and ended up finding out that they let off a horrible tasting fluid.
  • When they feel they are in danger, they play dead to trick their predator
  • Wherever aphids are Ladybugs are usually found close by, this is a great help to gardeners.   In their lifetime, a l
  • adybug can eat up to 5,000 aphids!  The internet is a great source of information on how to draw these little beauties to your garden to help in the control of aphids.
  • Bears aren't the only ones that like to sleep during the winter.  They gather close by other Ladybugs in mountains and other areas that are in the higher elevations to sleep for the winter.  They are world travelers and can be found wherever the food is and the winters don't get too cold.
  • Did you know that ladybugs aren't bugs at all? They are beetles.


With these few facts can you see why we love them!   Our granddaughters love them a lot and love to take them from the house and put them either on the flowers or on a piece of lettuce or whatever other idea they may have that day, but always want them to have a safe home.



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