Each year there are several opportunities to go on short term mission trips. Opportunities to help in various ways are there and greatly needed.   If you are interested in joining one of these trips to Nigeria, please contact The Wanted Children Foundation by following this link :


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TWCF was established to work to help reach some of the 18,000,000 orphans and displaced children of Nigeria.   Through providing a home filled with love, teaching, health care and "family" the lives of the children in the home have been transformed.   God is doing a great work in the lives of the children through the dedicated founder/s, staff and donors.


Darwin and Jackie are passionate for the work of TWCF and would like to encourage you to spend a little bit of time reading through their website to learn more of the vital work being done in Nigeria.    www.thewantedchildrenfoundation.org


We have not been able to attend one of the short term mission trips to Nigeria, we have been able to feel part of this work through prayer, and donations.

Click HERE if you are interested in information how you too can donate to the work of TWCF.


Would you like to receive the monthly TWCF newsletter?   Follow this link to sign up to be part of keeping updated on the exciting work taking place in The Wanted Children Foundation.     The Wanted Children Foundation Newsletter






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